Strong is beautiful

Women need a place to visit and read empowering stories that show how being strong is beautiful. Clearly, strength is about a woman’s mind, body, and spirit, and although some of the articles are about Breast-Cancer warriors, most of the content written will motivate, educate, and empower all women.

Believe strong IS beautiful.

I am often amazed, or saddened, by women who won’t/can’t/don’t stand up for themselves, or their gender. The women who follow their man, or make decisions based on the man’s opinion, or position, or choice, or whatever.

Some women may believe that they are not as strong, or as capable, or whatever, as men. Let’s consider this…

Women can believe in our gender, our strength, and ourselves. Some men (okay really) most men are not going to tell you that you are strong. Especially, as strong, or stronger, and smarter, or braver than he is because that could possibly somehow weaken men.  Together, women can stand up for themselves, and stand up for all women: you, your daughter, your sister, your mother, and the women we see every day.

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